An account of a simple life in a tree grows in brooklyn by betsy smith

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"A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" is a heartfelt, moving novel which touched me deeply. Betty Smith's prose is powerful, as are her storyline and characters. This is a book I will keep to reread in the future.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: A Musical Play [Betty Smith, George Abbott] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The American classic about a young girl's coming of age at the turn of the century. A profoundly moving novel/5(K).

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Betsy Smith creates a most realistic family, the Nolans, who, despite their poverty, class, and meager lifestyle, are decent, good, and full of kindness.

Taking place in the early s, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn shows how life really was back then.

An account of a simple life in a tree grows in brooklyn by betsy smith
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