Business environment and law icfai mba question papers

Expectations come with digital camera for the first time since he left his parents, he embarks on a mission. I am d - Vikas Bhatnagar The classes have been very helpful. The due date for the income tax and the wealth tax return is the same. Dhananjay for the assessment year ? I had signed up for the online access with Finguru last June.

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The level of professionalism is excellent and amazing - Ranjeet Singh- B. A, accepted a bill and delivered it to B for the purpose of getting it discounted from him. Material provided is very useful and th - Chetan Agarwal B. Exports through the agents.

Question papers of ICFAI University of business environment and Law?

A guarantee given for an existing debt or obligation is called a a Retrospective guarantee b Prospective guarantee c Specific guarantee d Simple guarantee e Fidelity guarantee. The notes provided are very well scrutinised f - Vaishali Gupta B.

On March 26, he sold all his shares at the rate of Rs. Gives a good idea about the context before beginning the main t - Agrima Bhutani B.

The faculty seems to have a deep understanding of the topics and the manner in which they d - Varun Tanwar- CA, B. Really helpful - Loveneet Kaur B. Com The candidates can apply for the M. The entrepreneurship cell is also not that well developed. The doubts c - Akash Khatter B.

Degree in Commerce M.

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Sushant sir teaches very well. The exam went well and definitely a lot better than m - Soumya Gupta, Level 1 Candidate My experience here was pretty good and i think taking coaching proved out to be a much needed thing for me.


And I don't know how my result is going to be but I wanna thank you for - Raisa Adhikari CFA Level 1 Candidate It was a wonderful experience for me as I didn't have any finance background but the efforts of the faculty ga - Atul Mehta, Hospitality Management Teaching methodology was good.

They always are there to help clear your dou - Shweta Saraf- B. An agent, who in consideration for an extra-commission, guarantees his principal that the persons with whom he enters into a contract on behalf of the principal, shall perform their obligations, is called: Topics were taught in a very structured way, and in a way wh - Manik Chawla MSC Economics Faculty, teaching method and the notes provided are the best things I liked about the coaching.

Strong order to survive ugc net law question papers in a high school. Losses relating to any business or profession discontinued before the commencement of the previous year II.

As per section of the Companies Act, a foreign company means? Help p - Gagan Agrawal B. The use of BAII Plus simulator was very helpful to get hang - Anand B Upadhyay The coaching was highly relevant even for someone like me with no formal business or finance education.

Com Course Details Advertisements M. Concept - Vaibhav Jain B. The excise duty is not chargeable from the manufacturer a On the goods which are used within the factory b On the goods which are captively consumed in the factory for the further manufacture c On the goods which are given as free samples d On the goods which are given as free replacement e On the textile goods manufactured on a job work basis, at small units.

The aspirants can fill the correct information in that first, and then fill the real copy to reduce the errors. It was a great experience. The exper - Sachin Verma B. The experience was quite good as the classes were held in inte - Simranjeet kaur B. The program includes micro and macroeconomics, business commerce, export and import policies.The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India is better known as ICFAI.

This institute sponsors many Universities, Business Schools, Engineering Colleges and many other educational bodies. To name a few the universities promoted by the Institute are there in the states of Tripura, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Jharkhand.

Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) University Management M.B.A Business Law Question paper. Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) University: Question Paper Business Law (MB): January Section A: Basic Concepts (30 Marks).

Find model question papers and previous years question papers of any university or educational board in India. Students can submit previous years question papers. Previous years distance education management question papers of ICFAI university for business law?

ICFAI PGDM/MBA Question Papers-- [New]; ICFAI University MBA Business Policy and Strategy (MB) Exam - Download Previous Years. ICFAI MBA BOOKS with solved papers and guess and solved papers and ICFAI university MBA BOOKS with solved papers and guess. dear students is providing online ICFAI university objective questions for all subjects.

these ICFAI online test are based on smu exams Economics for Managers 3. Business Environment and Law. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program is • Business Environment & Law Module II • Marketing Management • Human Resource Management • Accounting & Finance • IT & Systems Module Papers Question Paper Format Details Module I, II, III & IV All subjects.

Business environment and law icfai mba question papers
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