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Our youth is very keen to learn and adopt this vast fields. OBC Education Loan for studying in India and abroad The purpose of this loan is to provide financial support to students who wish to study within India or abroad at reasonable and affordable costs and conditions.

Interested loan applicants may check if their institutes are mentioned in the Category A or Category B lists by checking the webpage. Hence, commerce helps in attaining better division of labour and industrial progress. The view expressed in various journals, and the views of some educationists about the nature of commerce education are given here to acquaint the students about the study of commerce education.

However, the other borrowers will have to pay as per normal terms and conditions of education loans.

When implemented properly, ecommerce is often faster, cheaper and more convenient than the traditional methods of Commerce education goods and services.

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US has been the torch bearer for the world in introducing e-commerce as a tool for spreading education. Commerce helps in expansion of aids to trade With the growth in trade and commerce there is growing need for expansion and modernization of aids to trade.

Oriental Bank of Commerce has three categories of institutions for students who wish to avail this loan. Interest rates also differ according to the category of institutions. Commenting on this definition Herbert A. Electronic commerce has also led to the development of electronic marketplaces where suppliers and potential customers are brought together to conduct mutually beneficial trade.

It is an Commerce education of business education to produce these results in the interests of the individual as a consumer of goods of business which produces what people will buy, and of society as a whole whose welfare is predicated upon a proper functioning of the forces of production distribution and consumption".

Commerce increases national income and wealth When production increases, national income also increases. You enter an online store, see a product that fulfills your demand and you place it into your virtual shopping basket. This would cover concepts like the laws of demand and supply, law of returns, elasticity, theory of pricing under different market forms etc.

With hundreds of cyber crime cases everyday, awareness and knowledge about Internet has become more important. The next step, you need a means of accepting online payments.

With the Commerce education of transport and communication development, countries can exchange their surplus commodities and earn foreign exchange, which is very useful for importing machinery and sophisticated technology.

Technological advancement has brought tremendous revolution in the fields of commerce and trade. According to Herbert A. It is an obligation of business education to produce these results in the interests of the individual as a consumer of goods of business which produces what people will buy, and of society as a whole whose welfare is predicated upon a proper functioning of the forces of production distribution and consumption".

Tonne, 'Tor school teaching purposes the above definition is not satisfactory, in as much as it would label any useful thing learned by a business man as a form of commerce education. Com and postgraduate M. Over the years, importance of commerce as a stream has increased with the integration of the world economy.

Oriental Bank of Commerce may sanction an education loan for two dual courses that may be pursued by the student simultaneously.

Today we can buy anything produced anywhere in the world. This has necessitated the need of structured and organized education among students so that they can be equipped with the Internet knowledge to be globally competitive.

Definition of Commerce According to James Stephenson, "Commerce is an organized system for the exchange of goods between the members of the industrial world. The third category has all other institutions that are not mentioned in either the Category A or Category B lists, but are eligible for an education loan.

This can either be a new site developed from scratch, or an existing site to which you can add ecommerce shopping cart capabilities. Our government should understand the need of this age should change the present educational system into a pragmatic, job oriented and specialized knowledge based system.

The only way to compete the International market is to improve our professional skills. Oriental Bank of Commerce offers its education loan schemes for financing the education of students at different levels of studies and different levels of institutes.

Oriental Bank of Commerce Education Loans Oriental Bank of Commerce has four types of education loans on offer; we will go through the salient features of them below: What Lyen was attempting to do in this definition was to indicate that the school can never do the entire job of training for business.

It seeks to alleviate poverty through various grassroots projects. For all students OBC provides life insurance policy. The skill in type-writing is most important and this is part of commerce education. Business to Business or B2B refers to electronic commerce between businesses rather than between a business and a consumer.

You can advance your career with the distinctive online degree programs of any university. Oriental Bank of Commerce ensures that the applicants are informed of all possible charges and fees at the very outset and there are no hidden costs.Commerce is one of the most important streams of education in India after Science.

Some students even opt commerce as the first choice after Class Commerce in its broad sense is the exchange of items of value or products between persons or companies and any such exchange of money for a product, service, or information is considered a. Meaning of Commerce Education So, According to, “ Business Education is 1.

That area of education which develops skills, attitudes and understanding essential for the successful direction of business relationships. 2. What are certified student loans? Certified loans involve an arrangement between Commerce Bank and your selected school to ensure that the money borrowed is used only for your education.

Once Your Future Education Loan has been approved and you have accepted and signed the terms, the loan is sent to your school for certification. In India, commerce as an educational stream is first opted at intermediate level i.e.

at 10+2 level or after Class 10th. is awarded to students if he/she pursues commerce at the undergraduate level. For example, if a candidate chooses to study Accountancy as major at Bachelors level then (Hons.) in Accountancy is.

Short notes on the Concept of Commerce Education

Importance Of Commerce Education quotes - 1. The family teaches us about the importance of knowledge, education, hard work and effort. It teaches us about enjoying ourselves, having fun, keeping fit and healthy. Read more quotes and sayings about Importance Of Commerce Education.

Eligible courses for the Oriental Bank of Commerce Education Loan; For studies in India: Approved courses for Graduation/ Post-graduation degrees and diplomas: including professional or technical Degree/Diploma courses that are conducted by colleges or universities that are approved by the UGC/ IMC/AICTE/ Government, etc.

Commerce education
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