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For the last six years of his life, he had renal cancer, which metastases to his brain and lungs. Medical career[ edit ] Inhe went to Moorfields Eye Hospital in England to study ophthalmology. During the s and s, Hollows was also politically active as a member of the Communist Party of New Zealand.

It is much worse than white health was in the Fred hollows times of the depression. Ten Australian non-profits will be empowered to make the change we all wished for. Trachoma is a form of conjunctivitis caused by infection with the bacterial microbe Chlamydia trachomatis.

At the time, his parents hadn't realised the significance of his injury and surgery at his local hospital actually worsened his condition. Fred hollows Cossom "Fred" Hollows, AC 9 April — 10 February was a New Zealand and Australian ophthalmologist who became known for his work in restoring eyesight for countless thousands of people in Australia and many other countries.

He held the position until Poverty, crowded living conditions and lack of water contribute to the spread of trachoma.

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For the first seven years of his life, the family lived in New Zealand. He then did post-graduate work in Wales before moving in to Australia, where he became associate professor of ophthalmology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Michael Amendolia Portable ophthalmology equipment used for eye examinations in remote communities and mountain-climbing gear that belonged to eye surgeon Fred Hollows are now part of the National Museum of Australia's collection.

There is also a widespread perception that blind children are not capable and many do not receive the same stimulation growing up as their sighted peers. The family lived in Dunedin for the first seven years of his life.

Staff liaised extensively with Indigenous people and trained Indigenous health workers in measures to help reduce the incidence of eye disease. Different combinations of two or three lenses can be inserted into each holder to achieve the necessary correction A Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope BIO used by Fred Hollows and other doctors to see inside a patient's eyes.

Fred also had two children from previous relationships.

Fred Hollows : biography

He heard about a war in Eritrea in Africa and how doctors there were trying to get training in eye surgery. The foundation is also registered in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The foundation is aimed to provide eye care for the poor and underprivileged and to improve the health of indigenous Australians.

In the s, Hollows treated two Gurindji elders and then accompanied them back to the Northern Territory where he saw a huge deficiency in the health of Indigenous Australians, including many treatable cases of trachoma.The Fred Hollows Humanity Award recognises Year 6 students who ‘follow in Fred’s footsteps by making a positive difference in their community’, and celebrates students who ‘show compassion, integrity and kindness in their everyday lives’.

The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ is a registered charitable organisation under the Charities Act Our Charities Commission registration number is CC Fred Hollows's wiki: Frederick Cossom Hollows, AC (9 April – 10 February ) was a New Zealand -Australian ophthalmologist who became known for his work in restoring eyesight for countless thousands of people in Australia and many other countries.

The Fred Hollows Foundation team has delivered essential supplies to Tahkot, a village of 40, that had been cut off from the rest of the world since Saturday's earthquake.

Fred Hollows halved the amount of curable blindness in Australia, he cured more than over a million people throughout the world.

The Fred Hollows Foundation invests in eye care centre social enterprise

People in Vietnam, Eritrea, Nepal and many more countries can now see because of his life’s work. The Fred Hollows Foundation will develop a tablet device, known as MARVIN, that will use a mobile diagnostic platform to take high-quality photos of the back of the eye, checking for blinding damage caused by diabetes.

Fred hollows
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