Reigniting saffola masala oats case study

Case Analysis on Saffola

For this staregy implementation Marico follows, Saffola as the Brand Extention route Marico was considering category through creation. It provides the do-good properties of Kardiand the taste of Corn oil Over the Years, the brand Saffola has become renowned for its expertise in Heart Care, thanks to the consistent introduction of innovative product like heart healthy cooking oil and foods.

All of Saffola's plastic packaging carries the triangular arrow recycling symbol on the bottom of each bottle. What dimensions are use to segment market: Diet forms an important part of this lifestyle intervention and which is where the brand Saffola fits in.

Safflower blooming in mid-summer Safflower is planted from late January through early May and harvested from mid-August to mid-September. Seeing the good response the company has also started test marketing Saffola oats from june in some select cities especially in southern states where oat consumption is high.

With its well-known brands, innovative marketing initiative and distribution position it emerge as a leading player in the FMCG market. Quantitative research was done on eight families on in three metropolitan areas.

Repetition of scenario. Increasing health consciousness, pollution, stress, and a host of other lifestyle-related factors have led to this trend gaining prominence - and this is a trend that is not restricted to only large metros.

Q How can Saffola Oil be used? Thus, safflower also aids in weight loss and its maintenance. In second type, Sundrop was competing brand and clear leader and having high recall value and later Saffola almost near.

Saffola Case Study

Saffola positioned itself as the choice for healthy living. In the brand prism fear was replaced with care and happiness, therapeutic was replaced with proactive, and heart was replaced with health. But in the case of salty snacks it is the taste of the product which is the overriding factor since snacks are not consumed in bulk and thrive on impulse buying, so health concerns take a backseat.

Churchgate Station in Mumbai. In this prism a brand is evaluated on six dimensions: Its brands are market leaders in categories such as coconutoil, hair oils, anti-lice treatment, refined edible oils, fabric care andfood products.

Saffola decided to include this hopefully healthful lifestyle segment into its ambit. This could have rendered Saffola brand name irrelevant to a certain extent. Consumers were mostly urban dwellers who belongs to SEC A. It had this segment in its pocket.

This has the highest levels of Linoleic acid, an omegapolyunsaturated fatty acid, which is well known for reducing cholesterol levels. SWOT analysis highlights advantages and disadvantages. This case critically analyzes the positioning journey traversed by Saffola, one of India's leading cooking oils.

Q What environmental benefits does Saffola Oil "grown without pesticides" provide?SAFFOLA OIL Saffola, the flagship brand of fmcg major Marico in the cooking oil space has over the years become well-entrenched in the minds of the consumers as a health. SAFFOLA CASE STUDY PRASHANT | AKSHATH | SOURAV | PRIYESH|RANJAN |FARAAZ The Company was incorporated on 13th October, under the name of Marico Foods Ltd.

Case Analysis on Saffola

The Company. Chef Vikas Khanna doling out some healthy recipes on YouTube channel with Marico’s Saffola Masala Oats, promises the customers to be ‘The Fit Foodie’. Marico uses digital marketing to reach out to gen next Related Case Study.

Saffola case study Group no.FOCUS About Marico Industries Ltd. Best known for Parachute and Saffola brands, Marico IndustriesLtd., (Marico) is one of the fastest growing FMCG companies in India.1/5(1).

This project was done as a part of the National Level Case Study Competition "Marico Over the Wall". It was also the winning presentation from the campus round held at IMT-Ghaziabad. Reigniting Saffola Masala Oats in India.

A Case Study on OTC Market - Choice to Enter? Horizon Research Publishing. February The case is a business problem of choice for a pharmaceutical company on which prospective segment to enter into, given a few options to choose Assistant Manager - Online Sales .

Reigniting saffola masala oats case study
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