Watsons theory of human caring essay

Caring theory is complimentary to medical systematic theory. Caring is an approach that promotes a state of being.

The seven assumptions

He believes that the caring concept is essential for realization of important nursing goals. The science of caring should not be always neutral and objective. Caring interactions enable nurses to exercise values as well as to go past the main objective which is to assess the disease of the patient.

Unconditional love for others was particularly practiced by the nurse. Trusting relationships do not only mean our patients, but our co-workers, as well. Despite these problems, nurses have to continually preserve and exercise caring practices so as to sustain and enhance quality performance.

Social Justice and Human Caring: Sensitivity to self and others can be effective with empathy. The butterfly effect of caring — clinical nursing teachers.

Watson’s Theory of Human Caring Essay

The moment of coming together in a caring moment occasion presents the two persons with the opportunity to decide how to be in the relationship—what to do with the moment Watson, Carative factors play an important role of enabling the nurses to respect and honor human dimensions while performing their duties.

I have since learned to be compassionate and allow myself to help the person grieve without getting caught up in their grieving process. Everyone has a fundamental need to be loved and cared for. The choices and actions made by individuals during this moment influence the shape and outcome of the whole process.

The patient will be calm and receptive to a nurse who congruent, empathetic, and warm. Allowing the patient and families to express concerns, verbalize feelings and know it is okay to feel them, is vital in helping families to cope with the end of life.

Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring Essay Sample

I did not pass any assumptions or judgment onto this patient or his family regarding the circumstances involved in his death. The previous history of a person in life, present moment and imagined future influence these characteristics.

Nursing Human Science and Human Caring 11th ed. Also includes conceptual knowledge for the formulation and conceptualization of framework. A caring, calm environment will help achieve harmony and healing.

Jean Watson has given the nursing profession the basis of which all nursing professionals should become deeply familiar with. This creates a united environment that supports the self-healing ability of both the patient and the nurse.

This reading was considered for this study because of the credible contributions that it makes to this field of specification.

Analysis and Evaluation of Jean Watson's Theory of Caring

The experiences and sharing will give more meaning to the caring moments. The belief of this conception is that although the parties come from varying fields with varied and unique characteristics, they can interact successfully in human-to-human manner. The external and internal environments are interdependent.

Because of modifications in healthcare delivery within healthcare establishments and systems globally, the responsibilities and assignment of nurses have increased and become more multifaceted.

Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring

It can be argued that the belief that patients have that nurses will always care for them provides the healing hope.In conclusion, Jean Watson’s theory of human caring helps define the caring moment or moments that occur between a nurse and patient and focuses on the fact that both nurse and patient have a uniqueness he or she brings to the moment.

Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring Essay Sample. Jean Watson is a nursing theorist whose focus is human caring. Watson’s () theory of human caring is widely used in nursing practice.

Watson’s Theory of Human Caring Essay. Dr - Watson’s Theory of Human Caring Essay introduction. Jean Watson, a native of West Virginia, began her career in where she graduated from the Lewis Gale School of Nursing in Roanoke, Virginia. Knowledge Of Nursing Watsons Theory Of Human Caring Nursing Essay.

Print Reference this. Jean Watson, famous for her Theory of Human Caring, wants the nurses to learn to cope with the complexities arising in every circumstance and to find ways of preserving their caring practice.

Take a look at what our essay writing service can do for. Watson's Theory of Human Caring Sandra Middlestate NUR/ April 16, Watson's Theory of Human Caring In this paper on Watson’s theory of human caring it will briefly describe the theories background and concepts. Watson's Theory of Human Caring Tammy L.

Holman University of Phoenix Theories and Models of Nursing Practice NUR Caroline Etland July 1, Watson's Theory of Human Caring With many changes in our health care systems today I believe nurses and our patients are suffering as a result of all the financial restructuring.

Watsons theory of human caring essay
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