Write api mediawiki templates

This module may be used as a generator Query: ImageWithNotes to your Wiki and protect them. Useful for checking whether a certain page is in a certain category Examples: Upgrading to version 2.

Optionally, you may after another 31 days delete the message MediaWiki: Allusers This module requires read rights Parameters: Each message is identified by a unique key, which is assigned different values across languages. If this parameter matches the Origin: Acknowledgments This chapter was created collaboratively.

List file titles with page ids they are from, including missing ones.

API:Changing wiki content

Note that this may not consider language links added by extensions. Only diffs a limited number of revisions. MediaWiki is currently localized in more than languages, including non-Latin and right-to-left RTL languages, with varying levels of completion.

A set of interwiki prefixes can be configured to cause, for instance, a page title of wikiquote: Examples of core parser functions Description.

This affects both which translation to fetch, if multiple are available, as well as how things like numbers and various values are formatted.

Cannot be used together with aifilterbots aifilterbots - How to filter files uploaded by bots. Then, when the first user attempts to save the page, an edit conflict occurs.

Embeddedin This module requires read rights Parameters: Only the current version of the image can be scaled Default: For instance, a page titled "[[The Terminator]]", in the default namespace, could describe the movie starring Arnold Schwarzeneggerwhile a page titled "[[User: For example, the software comes with optional support for rendering mathematical formulas using LaTeX and a special parser written in OCaml.

Most of the settings needed for rendering normal pages are set in the cookie to minimize use of the database. For example, in Novemberadministrators had to temporarily disable the "view count" and "site" statistics which were causing two database writes on every page view.

Cannot be used together with pageid pageid - Page ID of the page you want to delete. Wikipedia users originally created "bots" that worked by screen scraping the HTML content served by MediaWiki; this method was very unreliable and broke many times.

MediaWiki API help

What was thought at the time to be a clever pun would confuse generations of users and developers. Languages that support variant conversion include kk, ku, gan, tg, sr, zh indexpageids - Include an additional pageids section listing all returned page IDs export - Export the current revisions of all given or generated pages exportnowrap - Return the export XML without wrapping it in an XML result same format as Special: A sysadmin can choose a DBMS while installing MediaWiki, and MediaWiki provides both a database abstraction and a query abstraction layer that simplify database access for developers.

View requests are usually prettified with URL rewriting, in this example to https: Cannot be used together with bkusers. When an edit was made, the previously current revision was copied to the old table, and the new edit was saved to cur.

Parameter names are fully case-sensitive, though; for example, it is not possible to replace DR with dr or dR in the above example. Exturlusage This module requires read rights Parameters: Allredirects This module requires read rights Parameters: If upgrading from V2.Export/Import the LUA modules used by the (meta)templates you want to use and import them in your MediaWiki.

Export/Import the Wikipedia templates you want to use, together with all the required metatemplates, and import them in your MediaWiki. This module requires read rights This module requires write rights This module only accepts POST requests Parameters: token - Import token obtained through prop=info summary - Import summary xml - Uploaded XML file interwikisource - For interwiki imports: wiki to import from One value: interwikipage - For interwiki imports: page to.

Mediawiki also provides you the ability to create templates. Using templates, you can provide a navigation system that functions more similar to a table of contents. By table of contents, I'm not referring to the auto-generated table of contents that points to headers on the page you're viewing.

Import a page from another wiki, or from an XML file. Note that the HTTP POST must be done as a file upload (i.e. using multipart/form-data) when sending a file for the xml parameter.

Templates provide a means to repeat the same text on several pages. More advanced templates make use of parameters, and even of control structures as found in programming languages.

Proposal:Implement OAuth for MediaWiki (and employ in Wikimedia)

That said, basic templates are quite easy to create, requiring no knowledge of programming. Templates have their own. api> ***** ** ** ** This is an auto-generated MediaWiki API documentation page.

Write api mediawiki templates
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